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Let buyers pick you

TRUST ID is the enterMARTS leading provider service of identity authentication solution for suppliers.
When TRUST ID is used it has shown a return on raising buyers in supplier deals. Buyers believe that The TRUST ID is a solution of choice to prevent industrial fraud.

enterMARTS will organize a site survey by its own experts or a 3rd party inspection company to assess the supplier company, documents, production staffs and other duty abilities

As soon as assessment report has been submitted by positive result, TRUST ID Sign will be granted on supplier website and buyers will get access to download the related Pdf format report.





Assessment report is able to make a full acquaintance of customer and supplier.

The report, provided by various sections of supplier’s workplace have been investigated and assessed, production line, staff, production volume and quality of goods offered


In enterMARTS customer’s trust grows significantly through legal documents provided by the supplier for the website fully investigates these documents and won’t verify and publish them, until we make sure they are valid. The customers can make sure that all documents and certificates presented by supplier are accredited and can have a safe purchase

Manufacturing Process Management

In today's increasingly competitive environment, companies are under constant pressure not only to design new products faster,but also to ramp up production of them with minimal time-to-market, predictable cost, and required quality. Improving the MPM business process is essential to hitting these challenging cost, time, and quality targets


Attract customers

  • Fraud elimination        It can introduce you as a credible and reliable member
  • Assessment report        We highly recommend this service, since:A full report of workplace and work quality will be placed on the website on your request
  • verified video               Verified video helps buyers for a better understanding of their production and abilities
  • Fast & accurate validation

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