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While the market is slow, many sellers take a low profile approach often with poor results.
Investors, manufacturers, retailers, banks and government agencies use various assessments of buyers in planning their actions. A professional marketing exposes your property to the widest possible audience and tells buyers you are determined about selling. If you are a supplier, then how can you take your property to the online market that you are going to get the best price and terms?

The answer is buyers’ confidence & trust


How confident people feel about their incomes

Confident people feel stable about their incomes which affects their economic decisions such as spending activity, therefore sense of stability serves as one of the key indicators for the overall shape of the economy. In essence, if confidence is high, buyers will be making more purchase. On the other hand, buyers tend to save more and spend less if confidence is low. However, this does not necessarily happen, since buyers may not have perfect information and trust regarding the situation of online market


How can online people trust?

In reality, most consumers feel insecure when buying online, especially when buying from small online merchants who lack a strong and well-known brand.Most online buyers say it is important for an e-commerce site to include a Trust Mark of some kind on their site. In addition, 75% of online shoppers will only make purchase through enterMARTS members who have a trust mark. Online consumers are now more security savvy than ever, they look for SSL Certificate, 3rd party logo, a persuasive indicator telling them your store can be trusted. You want their business. Then grab a trust mark for your store

Quality buyers’ first choice is purchasing from those suppliers who have got a verification seal.

What is enterCHK?

enterCHK is the secondary verification certificate issued by that is suitable for small businesses. There are many marketing techniques which promote a business. Small businesses’ first need is finding customers, who prefer to trade with trustable suppliers. So for finding your customers, for improving your business, team will check each document that is related to your business like your certificates, your information, your ownership and etc. at the end by a proof of validity, assign an exclusive enterCHK logo to you. Now, choosing a trustable supplier will be easier for customers

What are the benefits of enterCHK?

  • Top ranking and high visibility
  • More exposure of products and services
  • More inquiries
  • Better capabilities and commitment to trades
  • Helps you stand out from the competition and win buyers’ trust
Do you know you could also achieve a super trust level on by TRUST ID certification?
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