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What is enterMARTS dashboard ?

enterMARTS dashboard is control panel of your E-Page where You can use your account, edit or add more details to increase your ranking. You have the chance to provide your business profile, product details, and contact information

What is a Purchase order (PO) ?

Purchase order is a posting component which matches buyers to exact suppliers by Post their buying request.

What is Trust ID ?

Trust ID is result of enterMARTS verification system.

What is EnterCheck ?

A service that Verifying members via .

What is BMS ?

BMS is a business matching service for Those buyers looking for products and business partners. The service is supported by industrial experts who have years’ experience and focused on Small and Medium Business.

How can I get inside my dashboard ?

Click “DASHBOARD” button at the top of home page or select sign in from top menu. We link you to your profile items.

Is Starter membership really free?

Yes. All members can list their business information and product details as starter Members of free.

What is a Company website ?

Each member of has a website, which is available as a predefined link or from search results. It may include company profile, products & services, catalogs, Contact information, activities and many others.

How can I submit my company information and product details?

Once you are registered, you can create and post your own activities. You can also edit and revise your company information, including products details via your enterMARTS dashboard.

How can I search for products?

You can start by browsing on the homepage. Type the keywords of Product you are looking for into the Search bar and then click search button. You will find your requirements if you select a true keyword, if it was recorded in our database.

How can I find suppliers via

• Find Companies by Search Type the company name in the search bar then Check the result list.
• Find Companies by Product search result Enter product keyword in the search bar and Check the details of products from listing. You can access to the supplier via “contact supplier” button
• Find Companies alphabetically By choosing “all companies” buttons in home page footer, companies will list alphabetically

Can I change my email address ?

Yes you can .Sign in to dashboard and go to account setting > change password from the left menu. You are allowed to change or edit your email.

What do I do if I forget my username ?

You have to memorize your username, password & registered email all the times. If you have forgotten your username, you should go through change password process. We will search our database. Once your identity has been confirmed we will reply with your Username and a new password.

What should I do if I forgot my password ?

You can get another one easily. If you remember your Username, from the sign in page, click “I forget my Password “link to receive a new password for your account. The password will be sent to your personal email account. You can then Login with your Username and new Password.

How do I change my password ?

Sign in to dashboard and go to account setting > change password from the left menu. This opens change password page, which allows you to edit a new password.

Can I change my business type ?

Yes. Sign in to dashboard then go to profile>company information .You are able to change your business type.

Can I change the product Category that I submitted ?

Yes. The only choice to change your product category is editing on product once again. For this refer to dashboard>profile>product manager >product listing & status then edit your Products and change a different category.